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India’s vast geographical diversity provides plenty of scope for the Adventure sports. Adventure sports is an unusual experience or course of events marked by excitement, thrill and suspense. The British systematized the concept of adventure as a tool towards meeting an end leading to the birth of the Outward-Bound movement. It is about taking on challenges, meeting the unknown but more importantly it is about learning. Learning about ourselves and most of all about our potential, a stress-buster in the race of life. In order to get rid of the trauma of exams, career and results the best way to de-stress oneself is ADVENTURE SPORTS. Besides providing leisure time, it gives us eternal pleasure and calmness. Through this one can understand one’s capabilities and talents, further valuing oneself. It encourages us to think about our own betterment. Adventure sports give us enthusiasm and courage to explore our hidden potentials in ourselves. Adventure sports stimulate balanced growth of body and mind. Thus, adventure sports are a tool, a magic wind that transforms the “CHICKEN HEART” into a “DARE – DEVIL.

The study is to explore the potentials for Adventure sports in India. The study shall also try to find out the different types of adventure sports conducted in India.

It is a matter of great concern to highlights the parameters of the adventure sports in its entire perspectives. 

Keywords— Adventure sport, Mountaineering, Risk taking, Potentials, Adventure Tourism.




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