• Abbas Fadel Jawad1, Tariq Ali Youssef 2, Hussein SubhanSakhi3 Author


The game of volleyball depends mainly on some technical skills and at the forefront of these skills is the overwhelming beating and all kinds of where you consider the decisive factor in determining the win and get the points that win The team . The successful attack reflects positively on the level of morale of the team and the players and raises their confidence, as it raises the motivation to do more effort and give, where the importance of research is reflected in the study of the reality of the skill of beating overwhelming all Types of Iraqi Premier League players with volleyball to detect the aspect of success and failure and through the experience of the researchers in the field of volleyball and through the follow-up games Iraqi league volleyball, the researchers were found A large gap between the global and local levels in the level of performance of the skill of beating overwhelming and qualitative types . So the researchers wanted to analyze and evaluate the skill of beating overwhelming and know the result of the attack for each type and its relationship with the results of the teams participating in the first gathering of the Iraqi league games for the sports season 2023, 2024.The goal of the research was to identify the relationship of the skill of successful crushing of each type of total sum of the types of crushing multiplication of the teams of the research sample . When the researchers hypothesized that there was a difference in the use of the different types of crushing multiplication that participated in the assembly, as well as a statistical correlation between the successful crushing multiplication rate of each type of crushing multiplication during the assembly.The researcher used the descriptive approach in the survey method, when the researcher identified the research sample, which represented the research community honestly 100% Teams of the first assembly of the first group of the Iraqi Premier League volleyball for the sports season 2023 -2024 and are teams (Peshmerga, Mekdadiya, Nineveh ، Industry) The researchers used a note form that was intended to record and write down the type and number of beating overwhelming of all kinds for each team where the researchers presented this form to some volleyball specialists from experts And academics for the purpose of verifying the sincerity and objectivity and was conducted reconnaissance experiment to ensure the safety of the camera and imaging procedures and was the reconnaissance experiment between the two teams of South Gas and Peshmerga in the final of the Iraqi Super Cup The researchers then conducted the main experiment on the first group assembly matches in the hall of the Peshmerga Club, where the researchers concluded that there is a difference in the use of the types of crushing beatings used by the teams of the sample search in the pool matches First and in the following order (high crushing beating, back crushing beating ، Beating crushing hook ) and also having a difference in the success rate of the crushing beating of the teams sample research either recommendations of the research was to work on the training of players crushing beating towards the weak areas of the opposing team and work to increase Training on crushing hook striking, which is considered the best and fastest offensive method to obtain a direct point.





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