• Manoj Shukla Author


Rural Bharat holds immense untapped latent potential and unrealized resources both natural and human to leverage the capital and technology available with urban enterprises for enhancing and sustaining productivity, progress and prosperity of the nation concomitantly contributing in India becoming a developed   economy by2047. The core purpose of the present study is to highlight the role and responsibilities of the urban communities and enterprises to promote and sustain a kind of entrepreneurial culture in rural areas for remunerative and reliable quality livelihoods. The study posits that a planned rural development shall curb unplanned displacement of rural folks to urban areas for earning rather urban entrepreneurs shall move to rural areas for setting new enterprise using local sources creating synergy for improving quality of jobs, new job creation and hence higher income catalyzing the demand so necessary for giving boost to investment setting in the virtuous cycles of balanced regional growth. The present work accentuates that urban-rural integration shall involve and inspire rural enterprises to become valuable partners in the global supply chain further creating new pathways for job led growth. The study suggests that rural-urban integration shall from harmonious rural dynamic society and reduce the burden on urban areas

Keywords:  Potential, Enterprise, Entrepreneurial, Pathways




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RURAL- URBAN INTEGRATION: A NEW PERSPECTIVE. (2024). International Development Planning Review, 23(1), 1201-1213.